Game Audio Symposium

GAS 2023

Saturday 27th May

Hosted by Leeds School of Arts, Leeds Beckett University, UK


"How An Audio Tech Team Can Elevate Game Audio Development"
Will Augar, Head of Audio Tech, Frontier Developments Ltd

"Voice Of Hell-A: The Dialogue Of Dead Island 2"
Matthew Hellewell, Senior Audio Designer, Dambuster Studios
Qin Yu, Dialogue Designer, Dambuster Studios

"Weapons - How I Find The Sound"
Stefan Rutherford, Lead Sound Designer, Sweet Justice Sound

"Bridging The Gap Between Creative And Technical Sound Design"
Katie Tarrant, Senior Sound Designer, Rare Ltd

"Story Telling Through Sound: Using Narrative As A Tool to Drive Game Audio Workflows"
Lewis Everest, Senior Sound Designer, Playstation Studios Sound

"Level 99 Audio: The Sound Of RuneScape"
Grace Docksey, Lead Audio Designer, Jagex Ltd

"Tonal Vs Noise In Sound Design"
Cameron Gillies, Sound Designer, Formosa Interactive UK

"How To Not Suck At Freelance Composing"
Gina Loughlin, Freelance Composer

"The Lifecycle Of A Cue"
Alistair Kerley, Music Lead / Senior Composer, Pitstop Productions Ltd

Quickfire Talks

"Top Tips For Starting A Career In Game Audio"
Mat Arnold, Senior Sound Designer, TT Games

"Sound Design And Synthesis In The Era Of AI"
Adrián Barahona-Ríos, PhD Student, York University

"Opening DAWs – Tips And Tricks For Creating A Showreel"
Lewis Barn, Sound Designer, Playstation Studios Sound

"Ready, Set, Compose! Game Music Composition Made Simple With Templates"
Dara Crawford, Composer and Technical Sound Designer, Black Box VR

"How Not To Network: Finding Work In Game Audio Beyond The Job Sites"
Sarah Sherlock, Audio Designer, Bonsai Collective

"Music AI: A Potential Toolbox To Support Game Composers"
Kyle Worral, PhD Researcher, York University

Sound Design Panel

Matthew Florianz, Head of Creative Audio Design, Frontier Developments Ltd

Ben Minto, Director, Sweet Justice Sound & SweejTech

Atsushi Suganuma, Senior Manager of Sound Design, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Ltd, Playstation Studios / Creative Arts

James Sutcliffe, Game Audio Lead, Pitstop Productions Ltd

Katie Tarrant, Senior Sound Designer, Rare Ltd